Come back again soon - introducing a whole new series of Months into Moments Mastermind events across Canada. Exciting 2 day format with your choice to attend only 1 or both days!

Months into Moments Mastermind Live

Business Owners & CEOs
Don't Just Survive -- Thrive!
Accelerate Your Growth & Amplify Your Profits

Thursday and Friday March 7th and 8th, 2024 (730 AM - 5 PM)
Wyndham Hotel 4440 Gateway Blvd NW, Edmonton Alberta

What is the "Months into Moments Mastermind Live" Event?

What if it is actually possible for you to accelerate your business growth and amplify your profits in 2024 and beyond? It’s time to learn what’s been missing in your plans and systems and holding you back from the success you want and deserve. Discover the strategies that will lead to accelerating your growth, amplifying your profits and achieving time freedom and financial abundance. Total Value over $20,000.

3 Year Strategic Plan

We will work you through an 8-milestone template to build your unique plan. Value $2997.

Business Power Team Strategy

You will be introduced to  and more importantly experience the direct value of having pros like this on your ‘team’. Value $5000.

Amplify Your Profits Strategy

Learn how to double or more your NET profits in a year or less. This could be worth 10’s of thousands on its own. And best of all, it is all math and you can use your own business metrics to see your potential growth. Value $10,000 +++.

Effective Billing Rate Strategy

Maximize your income and totally own your schedule. What would it be worth to you to have an extra few hours per week to spend more time with your family, more recreation, more volunteer work, more whatever you want? Value ??? but at least $1000.

Maximum Utilization Strategy

Simple to learn using charts and graphs. Unless you have deep pocket investors or significant debt options where you can Grow to Build, this strategy is critical for you to scale up. Value ??? but at least $1000.

Compelling Influence Strategy

This Strategy is simply awesome! Imagine if your prospective clients or customers felt almost compelled to work with you – what would that be worth to your business? Value ??? but at least $1000.

Exit Strategy

The final piece of the puzzle – what you need to do to maximize the value of your business if you ever choose to exit the business? Don’t wait until it is too late to learn your business is only worth a fraction of what you think it is worth – that is the trap most exiting owners discover the hard way. Value ??? but at least $1000.

Your Investment Value Proposition

$100 from every ticket will be donated to a local charity with the cheque being presented at the event!

Single Ticket Investment $1949 Partner $949
VIP $497 (only 1 VIP ticket required if only You + 1 Partner)
Guaranteed 10x the price in VALUE! 

          Bring or refer a Business Associate or friend and you get a $300 Referral Credit (no limit on Referral Credits)

Want more information? Pick the video you have time for!

Still not sure if this is for you? Book a phone call or if in Edmonton area, a coffee with Wayne to discuss!

Mastermind Draft Agenda

Real Success Stories

See and hear from individuals who have already personally benefited with the transformative power of Wayne's teachings and mentorship. Join this community of high achievers who have taken their business to the next level.

Dorian Widling, Veteran Entrepreneur

Parag Amin, PC Lawyer

“Wayne has an out-of-the-box style. He has a large toolbox of resources for his clients. He brings a challenging and thought-provoking, questioning attitude to coaching. And he helps you figure out the problem, and then supports you to come up with the solution.”
Lauren Zumbusch, Expert Office

"I highly recommend Wayne if you are open to learning and implementing business strategies, whether it is about growth, time management, work-life balance or the actual organization of your business.”
Sean Gerke, Sean Gerke Real Estate

“I'd been working 120 hours a week for over a year. Not a single day off, not one single evening off. I’d been going nonstop. Wayne will not only just change your business, but he’ll also change your life. He elevates you and your business to a level you didn't even know you were worthy of."

Crystal Holberton, Sparkling Spaces

What you will Learn & Gain at
Months into Moments Mastermind Live

Vision without Action is Just a Dream
Action Without Vision is a Waste of Time
Vision coupled with Action can Change Everything!

3 Year Strategic Plan
Business Power Team Strategy
Amplify Your Profits Strategy
Effective Billing Rate Strategy

7 Key Strategies to Success

Maximum Utilization Strategy
Compelling Influence Strategy
Exit Strategy
and More...

The Power of Your Compelling and Vivid Vision

Learn to see what you don't see now. Learn why your Vision is the foundation of your long term enduring success. Vision is way more than a single sentence or tagline; learn how to create yours!

Your Roadmap to Results

Learn how to turn your Vision and Strategic intent into reality by building a roadmap to get you from where you are now to where you want to be.

Renewed Passion & Purpose

Learn WHY your Vivid Vision coupled with a Sharp Focus creates Passion and Purpose. Gain insights into the value of Mindset and how it matters in the face of challenges and adversity.

The Art of Leadership

To have a better business, the business needs a better leader. Leadership is 1% Vision and 99% Alignment to that Vision. Learn specific strategies and techniques to become a better leader.

Months into Moments is an Incredible Opportunity to Learn & Discover
Exactly what to do to Create Success in 2024 and Beyond!

Accelerate Your Growth
Amplify Your Profits
Don't just Survive -- THRIVE!


Created for Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Professionals and Leaders

Create Breakthroughs and Breakout with Unbelieveable Results!

Whether you are just starting or a seasoned and experienced owner or entrepreneur...

This event is your Roadmap to an intentional and purposeful 2024 and beyond. Put feeling overwhelmed, uncertain and stressed in the rear view mirror. This event will teach you exactly what to do to create financial abundance and time freedom in your business and life!



This is not a pump you up event. Are you going to leave inspired and motivated – I sure hope so. Not because of any rah rah stuff, but because you now have a vision and strategies and plans that are compelling.

This is not a show up event. This is going to be hard work. You will be challenged to think and act differently than you ever have before. In fact, you will even have some pre event ‘homework’ so you come well prepared.

This is not a pay your money and take your chances event. If you do not get incredible value for your time and money our No Ifs, No Ands and Definitely No Buts Guarantee will offer you a partial or full credit for any of our other programs and services.


This is a learning event. You are going to learn 3 core strategies that include creating your 3-5 year strategic plan, the business power team strategy and the Amplify your profits strategy. Plus there will be a couple bonus strategies thrown in over the course of the event.

This is a get er done event. Once registered, you are going to be asked to do some pre work to complete and bring to the event. Over the course of the event, you are going to have a number of breakout sessions to complete the work.

This is a networking event. There will be lots of time to meet and network with all the other participants and the Business Power Team members. Use this time to trade contact information or better yet book appointments to meet outside the event to discover collaboration opportunities.

But most of all, this is a TAKE ACTION event.
Vision without Action is Just a Dream,
Action without Vision is Just Wasting Time,
Vision Coupled with Action can Change Anything and Everything.

Your Investment Value Proposition

$100 from every ticket will be donated to a local charity with the cheque being presented at the event!

Single Ticket Investment $1949 Partner $949
VIP $497 (only 1 VIP ticket required if only you + 1 Partner)
Guaranteed 10x the price in VALUE!

          Bring or refer a Business Associate or friend and you get a $300 Referral Credit (no limit on Referral Credits)            



Here are 6 Important Things to know about Wayne Fredin

Army Officer

25 total years Regular and Reserve service. In final role before retiring, he led the Army Communications Reservists in BC from 2006 2011. On a part time basis, averaged over 100 total days per year while doing #2 an #3 below . Supported by a full time team of 25 and responsible for over 250 soldiers in 3 Units in Victoria, Vancouver and Nanaimo and an annual budget of over $2.5M. Met and exceeded all objectives 5 years in a row.

Business Turn-Around Executive

As GM of a newly acquired $10M public company that had consistently lost money for years, he turned a net profit of almost $500,000 in the 1 st year without any layoffs. Accomplished this by implementing a 90 day Break Even plan, focusing on international sales and marketing channels and streamlining manufacturing and logistics.

Sales Executive

In 2007 he became first VP Sales of a post IPO TSX public company. In first year increased revenue by 28% and gross profit by 41%. Managed a $3M sales budget, grew sales team from 7 to 39 and implemented a Sales Management System with best practices to drive growth. In first year as National Sales Manager for a private company that had flat revenue for 5 years, he grew the revenue by over 21% with an average gross margin of 35%.

Business Owner

In partnership with his Dad, from 2003 to 2007, was the Canadian channel partner for a Houston based oil and gas software company. Grew from 3 14 customers and doubled gross revenue every year. Provided sales, installation and ongoing support. Implemented an Operations and Training Manual and a Current Business Plan to drive early results.

Executive Trainer, Author, Publisher

In 2015 wrote and self published Sales Leadership: Distinctions With a Difference . With 40+ years of experience as an Army Officer, a Sales Executive and a Salesman in public and private companies and having been self employed, e shares his most fundamental lessons. In 2018 he created the Take Action Sales Academy , an online sales and leadership website and in 2020 created Take Action Results for Leadership and Business Mentoring.

Husband, Father, Grandfather and Avid Golfer

Happily married to Maureen since 1981, father of 2 amazing sons: Eric and Keith and grandfather of 4. Voracious reader, enthusiastic golfer , wannabe global traveler and self
professed workaholic.


Tristan Patterson, Lawyer

Tristan worked as an infantry officer for nearly 11 years before finishing law school and joining Emery Jamieson. He also taught at the Peter Lougheed Leadership College at the University of Alberta. Tristan’s practice focuses on helping small and medium enterprises with corporate, commercial, intellectual property, and real estate matters. Ideally, legal strategic planning should be proactive to help build the business and set the conditions for any disputes that may arise.

Lissa Daub, Leadership Coach

Lissa is the founder of The Strong Impact Academy where she helps entrepreneurs craft valuable, sellable businesses while reducing owner dependence. She is certified in Human Resources (CPHR), Exit Planning (CEPA), and Value Building.
With a family background in entrepreneurship and the acquisition of her first business at 22, Lissa brings invaluable hands-on experience to the table. Her corporate expertise spans purchasing, production planning, quality control, and human resources, offering comprehensive knowledge and understanding to meet her clients where they’re at.

Cam Rutten, Financial and Insurance Advisor, AKA "The Bow Tie Guy"

As a Financial and Insurance Advisor, Cam's role is to ensure your financial security and keep your financial plan on track. His goal is to provide peace of mind, financial stability, and support at every stage of your business and personal life. Before joining IG Wealth Management, Cam owned two Second Cup locations and won sales and training awards in the auto, gaming and restaurant industries.

David Sherwin - Accountant

David comes from a long line of accountants including his grandfather, a CMA, who established his own firm and his mother, who is a bookkeeper and business owner. 

His accounting career also began at MNP LLP in 2005 where he completed his CA designation where he progressed to a manager role in the assurance team. Transitioning to industry, he joined business acquisition services with Stantec, followed by corporate controller position at All Weather Windows. 

David has provided accounting and business advisory services to a variety of clients in industries including non-profit, government, owner-managed business, sole proprietors and small to medium sized corporations.

Fiona Ward - Marketing Broker

After working for major media companies across Canada, Fiona opened her boutique Advertising brokerage in 2023. At Lux Media Broker, Fiona and her team’s job is to alleviate the marketing task so her clients can do what they do best- work in their business. Fiona offers a top-notch pedigree of marketing to her white-glove clientele. With her approach, Fiona acts as your "in-house" marketing manager with a twist. She brokers and negotiate services with media outlets leveraging buys so you are always getting the best rate. Fiona is committed to providing customized marketing solutions to her clients by understanding their unique business needs and goals

Rob Foss - Risk Management

Rob Foss has operated Fox Risk and Business Solutions for over 30 years. Rob focuses on the power trio of risk management, security, and safety. Rob has worked across Canada and the US, Hong Kong, Australia, and Japan. He has extensive experience working with aboriginal businesses and organizations, government, and private enterprises. In addition, Rob is an author, actor and public speaker. Rob’s practice works alongside small and medium enterprises to identify needs and implement tailored, cost-effective solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) & Concerns

What if I have to Cancel?

You will get a credit against any other program or service I offer valid for a year from the date of the event. You will still have access to the bonus items.

What if I do not show up with no prior notice?

No show = no credit but if it is a real emergency that causes you to not show then reach out and we will figure something out.

I like the idea but I cannot give up 2 days of my time.

My first question back would be do you own your schedule or does it own you? If you are unable to commit to 2 days for something happening a couple to many weeks from now, you are not really a business owner in control but rather someone who bought themselves a job. Sorry if that hurt, but it is absolutely true.

I like the idea but I cannot give up 2 days of my time.

My first question back would be do you own your schedule or does it own you? If you are unable to commit to 2 days for something happening a couple to many weeks from now, you are not really a business owner in control but rather someone who bought themselves a job. Sorry if that hurt, but it is absolutely true.

Too expensive.

There are really 2 sides to this concern. First you should look at this not as an expense but rather as an investment. All investments should offer a return. The second part is the return itself. If you do not believe the value is at least what I am offering, then I have failed you in delivering that value message effectively. Focus perhaps on just the Amplify Your Profits Strategy – even if you were only able to increase your net profits by 40-50% over the next year, would it now be worth it? And remember my guarantee…

Everything you are doing I can find it online.

No and yes. On the YES side for example, if you type How to do a Strategic Plan into Google and I just did this, it shows 1.8 Billion results. Really – how are you supposed to wade through all of that to find the few articles, videos or whatever that give you what you need? In our very first segment you are going to learn all about The Mastery Continuum and why Directed Learning is so much better than Do it Yourself Learning.

On the NO Side, the Business Power Team Strategy and Amplify your Profits Strategy are my creations so you may find stuff online that claims to be the same but I can commit to you now they are not. For example, my Amplify Your Profits strategy is based on an excel spreadsheet – all math. One of the pre-event homework assignments will be to figure out and bring your ‘metrics’ to run your numbers. And you will get the spreadsheet as a tool you can use anytime to want.

So Yes, you can absolutely can try to do this yourself but you have been able to do that now for months or even years, so what will change to get you doing it now? Commit to the event and just get it done!

Your Investment Value Proposition

$100 from every ticket will be donated to a local charity with the cheque being presented at the event!

Single Ticket Investment $1949 Partner $949
VIP $497 (only 1 VIP ticket required if only you + 1 Partner)
Guaranteed 10x the price in VALUE!

         Bring or refer a Business Associate or friend and you get a $300 Referral Credit (no limit on Referral Credits)             

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